New social network helps athletes wear what the pros wear


When you watch your favorite athletes on TV, it’s easy to see whose apparel they’re wearing. Adidas cleats, perhaps, or uniforms made by Under Armour.

But what do they wear in practice or in the weight room, when the cameras aren’t on them? And what about the gear you can’t see, like shoulder pads and compression shorts?

A new social network called The Locker aims to reveal every piece of apparel and equipment used by professional and amateur athletes, so that other players can easily buy the same stuff.

Members post the exact models of everything they wear — Nike Vapor Elite lacrosse arm pads, for instance — and also can create wish lists of things they want. They can follow one another in the same way Twitter users do, to answer the question, “What’s in your locker?”

Anyone from youth leagues to major leagues can create profiles and post their gear.

“It’s not just about pros influencing the other 99 percent,” said founder Sean Morris, “but also the peer-to-peer influence.”

For now, The Locker is focused on lacrosse (Morris, a Marshfield native, starred at UMass and was the third pick in the 2006 Major League Lacrosse draft), but expects to add more sports in the fall. The company is backed by an investment team that includes Dan Kraft, president of The Kraft Group’s international business, and Celtics co-owner Rob Hale.

Morris said he’s hunting for office space in or around Boston.

The Locker’s business model is to partner with retailers and collect a commission whenever the social network yields a sale. Its first partner is Lacrosse Monkey, which sells all of the sport’s major brands. When a user posts an item he wears, The Locker generates a link to Lacrosse Monkey’s online store, where other users can buy the same thing.

Athletes pay nothing to use The Locker.

“I think once they prove out the model and the platform, nearly every sport would be a logical fit for The Locker,” said Hale, who also is majority owner of the MLL’s Boston Cannons. “There’s a strong interest from any child who’s playing sports to know what other players are using.”

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