RunKeeper adding ‘Goal Coach’ to motivate runners, raising price for premium version

RunKeeper has debuted its new Goal Coach feature. (Screenshots provided by company.)
RunKeeper has debuted its new Goal Coach feature. (Screenshots provided by company.)

Fitness-tracking app RunKeeper on Thursday debuted an update to its app including a new goal-setting feature.

The Boston company said the new feature for iOS, Goal Coach, aims to help users get motivated and pick goals that are realistic — with the aim of logging more miles and workouts.

RunKeeper said using Goal Coach starts with picking something that motivates you to train, such as a race or a target weight. Goal Coach then  helps set the right goal and training program — making recommendations that are specific to you, based on everything it knows about you and others like you.

For users that subscribe to the RunKeeper Elite premium version, Goal Coach will provide weekly progress updates  and suggestions on how to adjust your goals.

Meanwhile, RunKeeper said Thursday that RunKeeper Elite will see a price increase for new users only as of May 1. The price for new users will now be $9.99 a month or $39.99 a year. That’s double the $5 a month or $20 a year that RunKeeper Elite costs now.

The news Thursday followed RunKeeper’s debut a week ago of its second app, Breeze, which includes an “always-on” step counter paired with well-timed push notifications to help you hit daily goals.

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