5 takeaways from Mayor Marty Walsh’s Reddit AMA

Walsh Reddit 2

This afternoon, Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh sat down at a computer and logged into Reddit for an “Ask Me Anything” session. Here are our favorite parts (the entire AMA can be found here):

Medicinal Marijuana dispensaries

A redditor named “_amnesiac” asked about medicinal marijuana dispensaries in Boston and for the mayor to elaborate on his concerns regarding the planned dispensaries in the city:

Mayor Walsh responded, “To be clear: I support the law and the will of the voters. My concern is the applications – there was incorrect information on some of the applications and I simply want to make sure that everything is in order. I know that this is the law and that medical marijuana will eventually come to Boston.”

Google Fiber?

Mayor Walsh was asked if he would make a push to bring Google Fiber to Boston.

Walsh’s answer, “We’re working on ways to bring fiber to Boston. Stay tuned…”

Uber, Lyft, and transportation startups

Mayor Walsh was asked both about upstart transportation services like Uber and Lyft as well as the stat of the local cab industry and responded, “We are in the process of forming a task force to look at all the forms of transportation in the city, not just taxi services but Uber, other livery services and other forms of transportation.”

Tech Mayor

One of the best answers of the whole AMA came when a user named “silentpat530″ asked Mayor Walsh,” What is one thing you would like to accomplish in the city that you think would be the hardest to pull off?”

Walsh responded by saying that he wants to make sure that every Bostonian has easy access to a computer as well as the Internet.

He was also asked about any “high tech” initiatives to “lure or keep tech industry startups and corporate headquarters in Boston proper.”

The mayor responded by saying that the City of Boston has a lot of initiatives in the pipeline, adding, “It starts here in my office at City Hall, with the installation of data dashboards that will help us deliver better city services – I think that in order to lure and keep tech here, we have to be the world class city I know we can be.”

Take Back Scott Brown???

A New Hampshire redditor asked Walsh to “Take back Scott Brown” because “New Hampshire doesn’t want or need him.”

Walsh quickly retorted, “No thank you.”

Other tidbits from the AMA

What’s it like having a private elevator? “Lonely.”

Walsh’s favorite kind of cereal is Frosted Flakes and he believes Legal Seafood has the best chowder in the city. His favorite book is Tracy Kidder’s Mountains Beyond Mountains and the Frosty Ice Cream truck is his favorite food truck. Walsh also thinks about renovating City Hall everyday.

We also learned that Walsh can understand spoken Gaelic but can’t read or write it. He was at the Montreal Forum when Cam Neely scored against Patrick Roy in Game 5 of the Adams Division finals in 1988 (the first playoff series win for the Bruins against their rivals since 1943), which is his favorite Boston sports moment.

Walsh, who spoke about fighting alcoholism during his campaign and has been sober for 19 years, answered a question about when he last saw a ghost by saying, “not in the last 19  years,” and answered a question about the Hong Kong with, “I had a scorpion bowl at Kowloon back in the day, but not at the Hong Kong.”

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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