FloDesign Sonics gets $10 million to bring acoustics technology to new areas


On Thursday, FloDesign Sonics, based in Wilbraham, Mass., announced a $10 million Series A led by Bright Capital. The new round of funding also included investments from Ventry Industries of Springfield, as well a James Waters, the founder of Waters Corp., and Jonathan Fleming of Oxford Biosciences.

The company said it will use the new funding “to further develop their core acoustic separation technology platform and fund commercialization efforts in the bioprocessing market application.”

The company’s acoustic separation technology is just the latest innovation for FloDesign who is best know for developing a revolutionary wind turbine. The implications for the company’s acoustics tool are almost unreal.

As FloDesign’s chief executive and founder Stanley Kowalski explained, the Flodesign Sonics spinoff is an acoustic platform based on the work of Dr. Bart Lipkens, a professor a Western New England University, that enables the use of acoustics in applications for filtration, separation, and purifcation, which, as Kowalski said, “are massive, massive industries and markets.”

“Anywhere you see somebody using a barrier filter, which requires pressure to separate debris, or particles, or something of value, we have applications,” he said.  The first application is in biotech pharmaceuticals where Flodesign is using acoustic technology to separate cells from protein, the filtration step of separating debris out a drug during development.

What FloDesign’s acoustic technology actually does, as Kowalski explained it, is stop and separate any particles, allowing fluid to “go by” using an invisible force acoustic field, “like a web.”

Kowolski also said, “Every time we turn around, we are finding new applications for the technology.” Some examples he gave include separating red blood cells, possibly separating oil from water, and, even someday separating gold particles from water.

“It’s a huge, huge opportunity,” Kowalski said, “This is a discovery.”

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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