Beers with… Common Angels’ Maia Heymann

Maia Heymann

Today we are launching a new series on BetaBoston with the help of the New England Venture Capital Association and mobile video app Directr.

Entitled “Beers with…” the title pretty much speaks for what we are up to here.

We sit down with a local VC, angel investor, or other Boston tech thought leader, grab a beer, and then have them answer questions about what it’s like to be an investor in innovation community as well as a few questions that paint a more personal picture of these local VCs and angels.

Our first Beers with… features Common Angels’ Maia Heymann. She manages Common Angels investments in Coherent Path, Disruptor Beam, docTrackr, inStreamMedia, TrueLens, and Yieldbot.


Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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