Disruptor Beam launches new Enterprise with Star Trek multiverse game

Star Trek

Boston-based gaming company Disruptor Beam, the company behind the immersive Game of Thrones Ascent, announced today that it is developing a strategy roleplaying game based in the Star Trek multiverse.

Disruptor Beam, which develops mobile and web games that “transport”  fans of literary and television series into those fictional worlds by linking game content and social sharing to episodes and books, will be working under the license of CBS Consumer Products for Star Trek Timelines.

Building a story-driven social game around Star Trek, which has a large, devoted fan base, has the potential to turn devoted Trekkies into Disruptor Beam users.

Star Trek Timelines will feature content and characters from Star Trek: The Original SeriesStar Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: Deep Space NineStar Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise, including Captain Kirk, Spock, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Data, and some infamous characters like Q.

Recreating a beloved franchise has potential upsides and downsides, mostly based on how the fan community’s reacts to the game. Disruptor Beam founder and chief executive Jon Radoff, a Star Trek fan himself, told me, “When we build games, authenticity is very important so that comes down to respecting the universe.”

“In Star Trek,” he added, “there is some combat, but that’s not really what’ s central. What Star Trek is really about is exploration.”

“So we are creating a game that really reflects that, it’s going to be a game about people.”

One of the keys to Star Trek Timelines, Radoff said, is that they will be able to use all eras of Star Trek’s multiverse in the game.

The game will be free to play; the company makes money off of in-game purchases. Radoff said that the company has seen its growth triple “in almost every metric, being revenue or employees or users.” He told me that Game of Thrones Ascent has over 3 million players and was one of the top five role-playing games in the iPad store yesterday.

Disruptor Beam will be exhibiting at this weekend’s PAX East in Boston. Word is that there may be an opportunity for photos on the Star Trek “bridge” or with Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne.

Here is the preview of Star Trek Timelines featuring a little Data, Uhura, and Picard:

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