GrubHub stats reveal the foods that fuel Boston’s college students

(Andrew Tran)
(Andrew Tran)

What’s the brain food fueling Boston’s college students? Sorry, parents, you won’t like the answer.

Pizza and French fries top the list of most-ordered takeout foods among college students in Boston, according to GrubHub. One in nine orders is for pizza, and one in 14 includes fries.

On the healthier side, salads rank a close third. But it’s back to the caloric stratosphere from there, with fried rice, pad Thai, burgers, calzones, crab rangoons, chicken wings, and frozen yogurt rounding out the top 10.

Don’t fool yourself on the froyo. It’s often not as healthy as you think.

Clearly, college kids like their junk food. Then again, so do a lot of people. In fact, GrubHub’s numbers show students aren’t significantly more likely to pick pizza or fries when ordering out than the general population is.

They are, however, more than twice as likely to order frozen yogurt, which has become very trendy with young diners. Similarly, smoothies are 72 percent more popular among college students than with everyone else.

Other dishes that skew toward the college crowd include Chinese menu staples like Orange chicken, General Gau’s chicken, and sesame chicken.

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