Hugh Herr and the MIT Media Lab killed it at TED

MIT had a huge showing at this year’s TED Conference, the prestigious get-together in Vancouver for global do-gooders and big thinkers. Seven of this year’s speakers are affiliated with the MIT Media Lab, the center known of its cutting-edge technology tinkering. They included the lab’s co-founder Nicholas Negroponte and its current director Joi Ito. Media Lab Prof. Hugh Herr explained how he designed a prosthetic leg for Boston Marathon bombing victim Adrianne Haslet-Davis.

Media Lab research scientist John Werner was there and took more than 3,000 photos of the talks that wrapped up last week. He put a lot of them on Vimeo Wednesday, shown above. So far, from the MIT crowd, it looks like only Herr’s video has been posted:

But TED is still posting new videos from the conference, which are collected here.

Mike Farrell is a technology reporter for the Boston Globe. Email him at [email protected].
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