Best Doctors launches Medting physician collaboration tool in US

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Best Doctors, a Boston-based global health company primarily known for the second opinion service that it offers as a benefit for Fortune 500 companies, announced the successful launch of online physician collaboration platform Medting for the first time in the US.

The cloud-based software allows doctors to make correct diagnoses and seek guidance for patient treatment plans by connecting networks of clinicians and allowing shared access to diagnostic image and video files.

Medting’s platform allows physicians from anywhere in the world to work together on challenging cases, offering secure sharing of files and diagnostic images, which, in the process, creates an “educational library of medical information.”

Best Doctors is not alone in trying to be the go-to source for physician-to-physician collaboration. Another local company, Sermo, has a web-based service called iConsult that allows doctors to help each other on challenging cases. (To see Sermo in action, check out their video on how the company’s product was used by traveling doctors in Panama.)

As far as the company’s plans for Medting, Justin Joseph, the company’s director of public relations, said Best Doctors plans to first get the product into the hands of hospitals, who have the option to subscribe to the service. Eventually, Joseph said, that the company plans to incorporate the collaboration platform as part of its larger benefit system.

Dennis Keohane was a Senior Staff Writer for BetaBoston.
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