This gadget is a bacon-scented alarm clock for your iPhone



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If you’ve given up bacon for Lent, stop reading now. The same goes for people who don’t own a smartphone made by Apple Inc. But if you’ve got an iPhone and a love for “the candy of meat,” you might want to check out a new high-tech promotional gimmick from  old-school meatpacker Oscar Meyer. The company, which is owned by Kraft Foods Group Inc., is giving away 4,700 gadgets that convert an iPhone into a bacon-scented alarm clock. For a chance to win one, just click here.

The device, which plugs into the iPhone’s headphone jack, works along with a free app that puts a skillet-shaped icon on the phone’s screen. You rotate this skillet to set a wake-up time. When the alarm goes off, the scent device spews fragrant vapor into the air, while the phone emits a frying sound, combined with pseudo-profound meditations on the glories of bacon, recited in a warm, romantic voice.

One of these bacon-based air fresheners turned up at the Globe on Friday, and it actually works.  Though nobody will ever mistake the fragrance for the real thing, it certainly made me hungry.  And the sample provided to the Globe came with a small bottle of fragrance, so you can recharge the device again and again.

No word on whether Oscar Meyer will stock refills at local supermarkets. Probably not; surely this pseudo-bacon aroma is a gateway drug, designed to get us hooked on the hard stuff. And to judge by the way my mouth is watering right now, Oscar Meyer’s insidious plan just might work.

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