Katie Bolin joins Spark Capital as newest associate

Katie Bolin is a new associate at Spark Capital.
Katie Bolin is a new associate at Spark Capital.

This morning, Spark Capital officially announced that it has added Katie Bolin as its newest associate.

A graduate of Cornell, Bolin started out in education with Teach for America, and later worked for Digitas and Google. At Google, Katie was an analytical lead/acting sales operations manager.

Bolin said that a few years ago, she never could have predicted how her career would unfold.

As she explained, the key to success when starting a new job is “to dive right in, learn as much as you can, as quick as you can, to figure out the culture, and to figure out if you’re at a place where you should take risks and ask for permission later.”

Bolin began working with Atlas earlier this month, and she plans on taking those lessons learned and applying them to her newest venture.

“I really want to jump in quickly, I don’t really like the onboarding process to take a while,” she said.

“I like to add value as soon as I feel that I can,” Bolin added, “and since Spark is a smaller firm I feel like it’s an advantage because I can be involved more so than I could at another place.”

In a blog post that coincided with the announcement this morning, Spark’s Andrew Parker said, “As a member of our investment team, Katie is going to be involved with portfolio companies as well as researching new markets, meeting new startups and evaluating new investment opportunities.”

Bolin will be based in Boston and work in the innovative startup space, mostly on seed and Series A investments.

“We took a long time to find someone for this role,” Parker explained on his blog. “It’s not easy to find someone with the passion for startups, intelligence, and chemistry that we look for as a member of our small team.”

“We want to surround ourselves with the best people at Spark. I’m delighted to be working with Katie.”

Spark is one of the most highly regarded venture capital firms in Boston and the country.

Some of Spark’s biggest (and most famous) investments include Twitter, Foursquare, Upworthy, Oculus VR, and local companies RunKeeper and Wayfair.

As Bolin said, “It’s exciting…It’s why I jumped on the opportunity. [Spark] is in this position where they have all this great traction, people are constantly coming in to seek out Spark, and there’s this great amount of deal flow.”

“It’s great,” she concluded, “I feel like this job is like taking a peek at the future.”

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