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Michael Simon’s eyes lit up when I made a crack about how long it has been that appliance-makers have been touting the Internet-connected refrigerator. The chief executive of LogMeIn stood up, told me to follow him down the hall and into the elevator, and led me straight to an Internet-linked prototype freezer. But it wasn’t one designed to sit in your kitchen and re-order Ben & Jerry’s when it senses a dangerously low supply.More →

The Newbury Street venture capital firm Third Rock Ventures has a track record of incubating and funding successful biotech companies like Foundation Medicine, Sage Therapeutics, and Agios. But now it is looking to give its startups a leg up in the Cambridge real estate market, by renting a big chunk of laboratory space. Several real estate industry sources say Third Rock is sniffing around former Vertex Pharmaceuticals digs on Sidney Street, near MIT.More →

Talk about your premature predictions. Fifteen years ago, I wrote a column for a now-defunct business magazine asserting that we were on the verge of the “e-scheduling” revolution. Now that everyone had become comfortable buying airplane tickets and books over the Internet, it was obvious that we’d start using to it schedule all kinds of services, from auto repair to carpet cleaning to seaweed body-wraps at the spa.More →

As a staffer at architecture studios, Qi Su observed one thing: everyone looking at a digital 3-D model of a project had comments about what should be changed and improved. “A lot of the back-and-forth is done with e-mails and screen captures of the model,” he says. “Architects would print out images and comment and send them back to the person who made the model — which was me.”

His Cambridge startup, Modelo, seeks to pull that process of comments and suggestions into the digital realm. “We’re about letting people make social comments on 3-D models in real-time,” Su says.More →