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One of Boston’s highest-profile fashion startups laid off the bulk of its staff over the summer, the main phone line has been disconnected, and customers are wondering about the lack of customer service. But Fashion Project co-founder and CEO Anna Palmer says that the company hasn’t ceased operations, adding that she is in discussions with investors about possible financing deals or an acquisition.More →

After buying a new home in North Andover in 2011, Eric Horndahl says he sat through the standard sales pitch from a replacement windows rep. It lasted several hours, his wife had to be there with him, and the price quote at the end was a shocker: $40,000. Plus, he says, “they put pressure on you to sign the contract right then. It was crazy to me that someone would make a decision like that.”More →

The new machine, like the original, produces objects by using a laser that hardens a light-sensitive resin. The Form 2 can produce objects that are 40 percent larger than the original printer could, and the company says that controlling the temperature of the resin more precisely is one of the new features that allows the Form 2 to achieve even higher levels of detail.More →