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Are you intimidated by networking? Remember these 4 fundamentals of Networking 101
The CR Network / Community Roundtable
Contributed article from business development expert and National Association of Women MBA's Boston chapter president Ellen Keiley A good, powerful network opens doors. From securing coveted concert tickets to securing a job, your network can help. Networking opportunities exist everywhere you go, from taking the kids to the playground to hanging around the office, so always have your antenna up. Read More
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5 reasons to celebrate the Boston tech scene at TechJam
Contributed article from Mark Lorion, co-founder of Boston TechJam and chief marketing officer of Apperian, and Tom Hopcroft, president and chief executive at Mass Technology Leadership Council When it comes to tech hubs, the spotlight usually shines on Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley in New York City. Despite our own rich history in technology and innovation, Boston, to be quite blunt, has lost top billing. In the last few years, there’s been a perception, both internally and nationally, that the city had flat lined, or as PandoDaily put it, was “in a rut” and had “lost its mojo.” Read More
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MIT eTeams shows effective acceleration for international startups in Boston
photo courtesy MIT
Contributed article from Jos Scheffelaar, chief executive and co-founder of the Launch in US Alliance and EuroUS Accelerator. He is also an MIT eTeams organizing committee member. In earlier editions of this blog you have been reading about a group of European companies participating in the unique MIT eTeams international acceleration program that was held in Cambridge from May 2-16. Read More
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Checking in on the overlooked Worcester startup scene
Picture courtesy Destination Worcester
For many of us who think about the "local economy," what happens outside of I-495 might as well be happening on the moon. While it may not have the cool factor of accelerators in the Innovation District or in Kendall Square,  the startup/tech scene in Worcester is growing thanks to the passionate work of DataGravity co-founder and president John Joseph. I asked the WPI and Clark alumnus a few questions about what he's been up to out in "The City of Seven Hills." Read More
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Why a Boston HQ makes sense for the next generation of global tech companies
Graphic courtesy MassEcon
Contributed article by Cathal McGloin, CEO of FeedHenry, a company founded in Ireland but has its headquarters in Boston. As the chief executive of mobile app platform provider FeedHenry, which also has roots in Dublin, Ireland, I was initially drawn to Boston in 2000 in order to expand my first startup. Read More
Rita's Career Corner
Why you need a marketing plan - for YOU
office chair crop
Contributed article by career management/talent management consultant and executive coach Rita B. Allen.      Don't view marketing yourself as a task, but as a required skill in taking charge of your career and executing a successful career management strategy. It requires us to know how we set ourselves apart, what we have to offer, and what exactly it is that we want to market. Read More
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Economic impact of domestic violence may be more than you'd think
jared remy
Contributed article by attorneys Lennox Chase and Jane E. Freedman. Recently, George LeVines covered how domestic abuse shelters are using high tech surveillance tools like Tor to prevent digital abuse.            When Boston City Councillor Ayanna Pressley speaks about domestic violence her voice fills with passion, and people listen. Recently, Councillor Pressley spoke at two different events about the effects of domestic violence. Pressley talks about the bonds of a community as a fiber of woven threads. If some of the threads are weak, the community is weak. The thread of domestic violence weakens the collective fibers that comprise our community. Read More
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7 ways to talk yourself up: Investors need to hear about YOU
Maia Heymann
Contributed article by Maia Heymann, is the senior managing director at CommonAngels Ventures. Heymann was featured in our first installment of our "Beers with..." series. It happens often. I'm left wanting more. Many times while listening to entrepreneurs pitch their ideas, I want to interrupt and say, "Stop, please go back." Technically, there might not be anything wrong with the pitch. The idea might be compelling, the team passionate, the market opportunity big. So, what's the problem? Read More
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Eliminating noncompetes may hurt the Commonwealth

There are a few things that Boston's startup community generally agrees on: The need for late night T service, investors are too stingy, and non-competes hurt innovation and should be banned. Shepard Davidson, a partner at law firm Burns & Levinson, has litigated to enforce non-competes, and shares why he thinks they should get a second look.

Last month Gov. Deval Patrick formally called for the elimination of noncompete agreements as part of a bill called An Act to Promote Growth and Opportunity. The Governor's proposal, and the rallying cry of its various supporters, is firmly based on the premise that noncompete agreements have a negative impact on Massachusetts workers, technological innovation, and the Commonwealth's economy. Read More
Coming to America
3 keys for international companies expanding to US market via Boston
Graphic courtesy MassEcon
Article contributed by Michael Novaria of Rubin & Rudman LLP. It seems like every other day, we hear about another internationally based company establishing a footprint in Boston, like Slovakia's RESCO and Ireland's Wisetek to Germany's RapidMiner and Norway's Cryogenetics. The world has become a much smaller place due to the growth of the global economy. Read More