10 Matrix Partners-backed companies in Boston

It’s well known that Boston’s Spark Capital has had plenty of hits lately, of which the $2 billion Oculus VR sale to Facebook is just the latest (you may remember the Twitter IPO from last year). But Cambridge venture firm Matrix Partners was also an investor in Oculus, and has been on a winning streak of its own lately. The IPO of Care.com in January and the sale of The Echo Nest to Spotify in February — both of them Boston-area companies — are notable recent successes for the storied VC firm.

So who could be next? Along with being an investor in rising stars outside Boston such as Zendesk, Matrix is a backer of many promising companies closer to home (I count about 20). Most are in fairly non-sexy areas, such as networking technology — a major strength for Matrix historically. But that doesn’t mean the companies aren’t headed for big exits of their own (you may remember the $2.9 billion sale of Tewksbury’s Starent Networks, a Matrix portfolio company, to Cisco in 2009).

To get a sense of some of the Matrix-backed Boston companies we’re watching, click through the photo gallery above. There are a number of other Matrix companies we’re keeping an eye on too — these are just among those that have been especially on our radar of late. Watch for coverage of these and many of the other companies in the Matrix portfolio in the future. — Kyle Alspach & Dennis Keohane

All images courtesy of the companies.