Palmer Luckey at Oculus Game Day during GDC.

SAN FRANCISCO — Virtual reality ruled the week at the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC), turning the 26,000-person gathering into a tour de force of the much-hyped technology.

With the first virtual reality (VR) headsets reaching consumers — and gamers in particular — at the end of this month, enthusiasm for the immersive entertainment platform was everywhere from the expo show floor and demo booths to the developer sessions and private parties.More →

Al Vellucci, mayor of Cambridge, in his City Hall offices on Sept. 26, 1989. Vellucci once hoped to pass a two-year moratorium on gene splicing in Cambridge.

If you’ve assumed that biotech companies cluster in Cambridge to be close to Harvard and MIT, that’s only part of the story — other cities were far less welcomin. When a Harvard spin-out, Genetics Institute, tried to set up an office in Somerville in 1981, a public hearing aired concerns about rats and roaches carrying newly invented organisms out of the labs and into a nearby supermarket.More →