Boston’s next 12 tech IPOs?

Boston tech may have gone more than a year-and-a-half in between its last two venture-backed tech IPOs (i.e. Exa Corp. and, which went public in January). But the region’s tech community shouldn’t have to wait that long again any time soon.

Click through the slideshow above to see my picks for a dozen of the most promising tech IPO candidates in the Boston area, along with my (educated) guesses on timing for the potential public offerings. Executives from all of the companies have expressed an interest in an IPO to me, and each firm appears to have the makings of an IPO candidate (strong revenue growth, original product offering, large market size).

Globoforce is the most sure bet (it’s expected to complete its IPO today), and there’s been plenty of discussion about how Wayfair and HubSpot are believed to be next. You may have heard less about the rest of the names on the list, however.

One disclaimer: I realize that some or even most of these companies may not actually go public. IPO candidates are often hotly pursued by big tech acquirers; the same factors that make them a possibility for the public markets also make them a target for acquisition. Endeca and Aveksa are two recent Boston examples where a handsome acquisition price ended up trouncing IPO ambitions.

Nonetheless, even a few of these companies going public would be a big deal. It could spell a new era for Boston tech, which has long seen its many of its most promising tech startups bought out by West Coast giants, often ending their growth sprees.

Anchor companies, away.

(All images courtesy of the companies.)

Kyle Alspach has worked in journalism in Massachusetts since 2005 and was one of the original staff writers at BetaBoston.
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