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Boston Globe Staff
Weisman covers the healthcare and life sciences industries for the Globe's Business section. He was a business reporter and editor for the Hartford Courant and the Seattle Times before joining the Globe in 2000.

Articles By Robert Weisman

Amy Schulman, who recently left her job as general counsel at Pfizer Inc. in New York, began work this week at Boston venture capital firm Polaris Partners. The firm’s first female venture partner, Schulman, 53, will work with early-stage companies in health care and life sciences. She also will serve as chief executive of a Polaris-backed startup, Arsia Therapeutics. Globe reporter Robert Weisman talked with Schulman last week outside Arsia’s lab at the Lab Central incubator in Cambridge. Here’s what he found out:More →

CAMBRIDGE — The top executive of Biogen Idec Inc. said Thursday that the state’s drug makers are producing breakthrough treatments for conditions ranging from multiple sclerosis to hepatitis C to hemophilia. But he warned future innovation is threatened by federal funding cuts for basic research and payments that don’t allow companies to recover their investments.More →