Vijee Venkatraman

Vijee Venkatraman is a freelance journalist. She reports on science, technology, environment, and food. Her work has appeared in Science Careers, New Scientist, Christian Science Monitor and other periodicals. Before she became a journalist, she worked on the Human Genome Project at the Broad Institute.

Articles By Vijee Venkatraman

Harvard Medical School’s Center for Primary Care has launched the InciteHealth Fellowship, a new program that brings together 22 talented individuals eager to transform the delivery of health care in the United States.

During this part-time, one-year program, the InciteHealth fellows, or “inciters,” will focus on broad themes such as patient-doctor communication, the management of complex care, and health care costs.More →

It is the largest religious gathering on earth. The colorful and chaotic Kumbh Mela, (Kumbh, for short), a triennial event hosted by one of India’s four second-tier cities, draws devotees by the millions. Now, thanks to Ramesh Raskar, a MIT Media Lab professor whose hometown, Nashik, is the venue for upcoming Kumbh, it has drawn tech-minded folks from Boston as well.More →

Fancy being ensconsed in a heat bubble as you move about the office building in the cold winter? An art installation dubbed “Local Warming,” which offers a preview of personalized climate control, returns from the prestigious Vienna Architecture Biennale next week. This whimsical, well-received design from MIT’s SENSEable City Lab also promises to be an energy saver.More →