Stefanie Friedhoff

Boston Globe correspondent
Stefanie Friedhoff is a Globe correspondent covering the intersection of business, technology, science, and society. As a German-American journalist, she enjoys straddling the gap between tradition and innovation. Her work has been featured in Time magazine, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Nieman Reports and other publications on both sides of the Atlantic.

Articles By Stefanie Friedhoff

Ten years ago, Gogi Gupta started a business at the Cambridge Innovation Center with little more than a computer and an abundance of ideas about how music labels could do a better job marketing their artists online. Today, his company Gupta Media has 43 employees and is a major player in the music industry, running digital marketing for every major star, including all the top nominees at Sunday’s Grammy awards.

His work for Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Sia and other best-selling artists is featured in today’s Boston Globe. BetaBoston sat down with Gupta to talk about getting started as an entrepreneur, pitching to clients and making water disappear from a cup.More →