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Senior staff writer
Nidhi Subbaraman is a senior staff writer at BetaBoston, reporting on science, research, technology, and any combination of those. Before this, Subbaraman covered science and tech at Her work has also appeared online at MIT Technology Review, Fast Company, New Scientist, Nature News, and others. She hearts robots.

Articles By Nidhi Subbaraman

Yoga mats are optional — but bring your smartphone. The latest tutorial from health coaching startup Change Collective is a crash course on meditation for the wary technologist.

Change Collective co-founder Ben Rubin is a pioneer in the so-called “quantified self” movement that measures all aspects of one’s life. Twelve years ago, while still a graduate student at Brown University, he co-founded Zeo, a startup that made a sleep-tracking headband ($400) to give its wearer an insight into sleep habits.More →