Michael Morisy
Michael Morisy
Michael Morisy is the founder and former editor of BetaBoston, covering startups, innovation, and technology for the Boston Globe online. He joined the Globe in 2012 after reporting on technology and building online communities for five years. He is also the founder of MuckRock, an online investigative news startup with a focus on public records.

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Read, Set, Drive
Department of Transportation getting ready to disrupt the way you drive
Department of Transportation
A new publication by the Department of Transportation outlines how Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) technology can help cut down on accidents — and possibly pave the way for self-driving cars. The study indicates new regulations requiring the technology, which combines GPS with short-wave radio communications, could come as soon as 2020. Read More
Party Photos
Boston Calling attendees were guinea pigs in IBM surveillance pilot
Via Dig Boston
A new three-part series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 forthcoming) from Dig Boston is looking at how IBM lured the city into trialling a new model of a "smarter city": One that watched and listened to its citizens, seeking out suspicious activity while tracking faces and clothing, tying together tweets and hundreds of cameras in a system the current administration ultimately found no "practical value" in. Read More
Clash of the Titans
All eyes have been on Wayfair this year as the quiet online retail giant has prepared for its IPO. But despite showcasing a large new office (that it's already outgrown), the founders have been relatively mum on what the timing will be like for going public. Now the Wall Street Journal reports why:
Two of the biggest tech IPOs anticipated for the fourth quarter are, like Alibaba, e-commerce companies: Boston-based Wayfair, which sells home furnishings, and Berlin-based Zalando, which focuses on apparel and shoes. Both companies are seeking valuations in the billions of dollars, people familiar with the deals have said. Wayfair, which will list in the U.S., is getting ready to launch its IPO but doesn't want to compete with Alibaba for the attention of bankers or investors, people familiar with company executives' thinking said. It will likely wait to begin its so-called roadshow, when shares are pitched to potential investors, at least until later in September, they said.
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Watch word
Watch who watches what you say: MIT researchers can recreate sound based on video of nearby items
I've watched this video a few times, and it still blows my mind: Using high-speed video of nearby items, such as a plant or stray chip wrapper, MIT, Microsoft, and Adobe researchers found a way to analyze vibrations and algorithmically recreate roughly what sounds were in the room, down to actual words being spoken or a tune being played — without any recorded audio cues. Read More
It came from the sea
Maine's Google Barge, meant as a luxury showcase, to be scrapped instead
Robert F. Bukaty/AP
When Google started floating two mysterious barges — one on each coast — the theories ranged from floating data centers to Google creating its own tech sovereign nation. The planned reality — a glitzy product showcase on the sea — was still pretty out there, but now not even that will come to pass, at least not on the East Coast. Read More
You come at the king ...
With its Pandora-for-dinner, Nara Logics building a future where search is less relevant
The current tech giants always seem unstoppable — up until it's too late. That's why I find the world of search so fascinating. Even as Google continues to reign more or less undisputed in typing what you want and getting it in a fraction of a second, others, including Cambridge-based Nara Logics, are hoping to cut a step out of that process. Read More