Michael Farrell

Boston Globe Staff
Mike Farrell is a technology reporter for the Boston Globe Business section. He previously served as both editor and reporter for The Christian Science Monitor, and has reported from Asia, the Middle East and throughout the U.S. He is married with two children and lives in Roslindale.

Articles By Michael Farrell

MIT had a huge showing at this year’s TED Conference, the prestigious get-together in Vancouver for global do-gooders and big thinkers. Seven of this year’s speakers are affiliated with the MIT Media Lab, the center known of its cutting-edge technology tinkering. They included the lab’s co-founder Nicholas Negroponte and its current director Joi Ito. Media Lab Prof. Hugh Herr explained how he designed a prosthetic leg for Boston Marathon bombing victim Adrianne Haslet-Davis.More →

One of the leaders of the prestigious Broad Institute will become the next president of the Kendall Square Association, a Cambridge business group that includes the likes of Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp.

Alan Fein, who is the Broad’s executive vice president, will take over from Tim Rowe, chief executive of the Cambridge Innovation Center who founded the Kendall Square Association six years ago. More →