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Madeline Bilis is a student at Emerson College and a native of Worcester, Mass. When she's not reporting for BetaBoston, she contributes to Venturefizz and Boston Magazine.

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Former CIA covert operations officer Valerie Plame joined Boston-based Starling Trust Sciences as an adviser this week. Starling aims to establish a digital trust infrastructure that would give people the ability to identify and connect with trustworthy peers. With the technology Starling is developing, users will see how trustworthy another person is based on various factors, including the number of mutual connections.More →

Eddy Zhong is the kind of kid who could give an adult an inferiority complex: He launched a successful smartwatch company, Blanc Inc., at age 16, and now at age 17, he’s created a startup accelerator program for teenagers.

Called Leangap, his accelerator seeks to help high schoolers build their own companies through a six week summer academy. Since he announced the program in January, Leangap has received more than 100 applicants from as far away as India and Taiwan. The pilot session is set to begin in June.More →

Would you say that a female college professor is more likely to be annoying, bossy, or unfair? Or that a male professor has a better chance of being wise, intelligent, or awesome?

An interactive chart gaining attention on social media this week suggests just that. By using 14 million teacher reviews from, Northeastern history professor Ben Schmidt created a data visualization that allows users to explore words used to describe male and female teachers. By typing any word into the box, the chart rearranges to display how often the word is used and in which subject areas. Many of the results illustrate gendered language.More →