Hiawatha Bray

Globe Staff
Hiawatha Bray is a technology writer for the Boston Globe Business section. He has contributed to a number of newspapers and magazines including Wired, Fast Company and Black Enterprise. He received an Overseas Press Club award for his series on the Internet in Africa.

Articles By Hiawatha Bray

Audio industry veteran Tom DeVesto, the former chief executive of Cambridge SoundWorks and Tivoli Audio, is about to launch yet another consumer electronics company. DeVesto’s keeping mum on exactly what kind of products we can expect from the new company, to be named Como Audio and based in Boston. But he noted, “it will help people navigate through this new world of streaming music.”More →

I hate throwing stuff away, especially machines. I’ve still got the first computer I ever owned, a 1980s-vintage “portable” Kaypro that’s the size of Kim Kardashian’s makeup case. Somewhere in the basement, there’s also a Radio Shack “Trash-80” laptop, featuring software actually written by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, in the days when he still got his hands dirty.More →