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Heidi Legg is the founder of TheEditorial.com where she interviews visionaries and thinkers around us. Her interest is in finding individuals who are disrupting and improving the way we think and live. Her interviews have appeared in The Atlantic, Global Post, and The Huffingtonpost.com. She lives in Cambridge.

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On Thursday night MIT held its first Women in Innovation and Entrepreneurship networking reception in the sparse and modern Gagosian-like gallery space of the MIT Media Lab.

The event was organized and hosted by two of MIT’s most prominent women in tech, Erika Ebbel Angle, founder and chairman of Science for Scientists, and Marina Hatsopoulos, founder and former chief executive of Z Corporation. These leading women entrepreneurs, along with keynote speaker Cynthia Breazeal, did not mince words as they took the podium. They were direct about their intention to improve the opportunities for women in tech. And they provided perspectives on running the million dollar companies they founded at MIT over the past few years.More →