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Eden Shulman is a student at Northeastern University in Boston. A native of Fort Collins, Colorado, he has previously worked in a law firm, an elementary school, and as a ski patroller on the slopes of Winter Park. He will graduate in May 2016 with a BA in English and two minors, in Law and Public Policy and East Asian Studies. He currently lives on Mission Hill.

Articles By Eden Shulman

Despite the fact that the majority of Americans have not taken any concrete steps to protect their privacy in this post-Snowden era, the Pew Research Center has found that the vast majority of Americans do care about their privacy and who has access to their information.

Ninety-three percent of Americans report that being in control of who can access their information is somewhat or very important to them. In addition, 90 percent say that what information is accessed, not just who can access that information, is important to them as well.More →

A new project aimed at bringing entrepreneurs and creative workers to Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood is getting a boost this weekend.

On Saturday, organizers of the Fairmount Innovation Lab are officially opening the doors of the co-working office and startup accelerator program. The Innovation Lab will also reveal the 10 entrepreneurial teams chosen as the first class of its accelerator program.More →

If you’ve ever carried a tub of Ping-Pong balls near some sort of slope or ledge, then you’ve felt it: an overwhelming urge to dump the balls out and watch how they bounce.

Well, HubSpot decided to give in to that urge, and in a spectacular manner. Fresh off its first-quarter earnings call yesterday — in which the company reported revenue of $38.2 million, a 58 percent uptick from last year — HubSpot dumped 15,000 Ping-Pong balls off of a fourth-floor balcony in its building to celebrate its 15,000th customer.

Poor, poor custodians.More →

Everyone has seen them: the floodlights of Fenway Park, bright and blinding through windows, seemingly visible from any point in the Commonwealth.

Of course, that artificial daylight is necessary in the park, where players are trying to track the ball and fans are making sure they aren’t spilling their beers. But the brighter the light, the bigger the waste.

Boston-based LED lighting company Digital Lumens thinks it has an answer: LED lights that can be dimmed and independently aimed from a connected touchscreen.More →

Students hoping to improve fertility treatments and keep food from spoiling while it’s being shipped were among the winners of the Harvard Innovation Lab’s annual Deans’ Challenge competition.

The challenge asks teams of students to submit proposals that might solve specific issues within categories chosen by the university: cultural entrepreneurship, health and life sciences, innovation in sports, and food systems.More →