Daniel Dern

Daniel P. Dern is a Boston-based independent technology writer who covers everything from SMB/enterprise hardware, software (including Linux/Open-Source), virtualization, UPS/power/cooling/data centers, security, network/IT management, storage, and networking through SOHO/prosumer/consumer notebooks/netbooks, cameras, audio, peripherals, and gadgets...plus whatever else he's assigned, of course. Daniel also writes science fiction, children's/YA fiction, humor, song parodies, and PR, and is an amateur magician. He can be reached at [email protected]. His web site is www.dern.com and his technology blog is TryingTechnology.com.

Articles By Daniel Dern

In late October, when I started to hear a rattling-metal sound in my car’s engine, I dropped off my car at the Galen Street, Watertown, branch of Direct Tire & Auto Service (where I’ve been a loyal customer for over three decades). But before I got the expected phone call to discuss the problems they’d found and the estimated cost, I received an e-mail message linking to a 42-second video showing the broken heat shield beneath the catalytic converter.More →