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Well, that was both less than advertised, and much, much more. Apple dropped its longstanding objections to the stylus, introducing the new “Apple Pencil” in conjunction with its iPad-on-steroids (otherwise known as iPad Pro). The TV developments were somewhat underwhelming — certainly no major reinvention of the way we experience TV, movies, and video — but the improvements to the iPhone and the services around the phone were stunning.More →

For Tim Cook and Apple, TV is an area of “great interest.” That is, when it’s not an area of “intense interest.” It’s clearly no longer a hobby, with more than $1 billion in sales of the Apple TV set-top box. But four years after the late Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, famously told biographer Walter Isaacson that he’d “cracked it,” referring to TV, Apple’s living-room ambitions have evolved glacially. It has dropped the price of its existing Apple TV to $69, and added channels here and there, as the pace of change in the television world has exploded. HBO, CBS, Verizon, and even Comcast are rolling out products to let cord-cutters get around 500-channel cable subscriptions and choose programming lineups, at lower costs. Apple for years has been mired in rights negotiations made harder by the thicket of interested parties — networks, studios, affiliates, and others — involved in television and movies. More →