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This week marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of Russell Tyrone Jones, better known as Ol’ Dirty Bastard of the famous rap collective Wu-Tang Clan.

The RZA, Wu-Tang’s unofficial leader, has said that ODB will be included in some way in the group’s upcoming album, “A Better Tomorrow,” which is slated to be released in early December. However, part of “A Better Tomorrow” is being made available now through a special partnership between the band and Boombotix, a maker of Bluetooth speakers. Boombotix has created a special Wu-Tang version of their Boombot REX speaker, which will be preloaded with several songs from the new album. The speaker was available starting Nov. 15, which also just happens to be Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s birthday.More →

Newton resident Dan Jung, or Korean DJ as he is internationally known, has officially returned to the competitive eSports fighting game community (or FGC) after his 2009 retirement. The Bostonian was renown in the FGC as one of the top players of the Nintendo franchise Super Smash Bros Brawl and Super Smash Bros Melee, winning Nintendo’s only officially sanctioned tournament in 2008 as well as taking top honors at the prestigious Major League Gaming tournaments in ’06 and ’07. More →

The recent PAX East video game convention that took place from April 11-13 at the Boston Convention Center was meant to be a moment of re-invention for the PAX brand, however, some of the controversial issues that dogged the event and its founders in the past seem to keep re-emerging. That didn’t stop some attendees from making headway on some of the gaming industries most pressing social issues.More →

There was quite an interesting scene taking place recently at Makerbot’s Newbury Street store, as the 3D printing company held a printing workshop for children.

A seven-year old named Victor could be observed manipulating shapes with a 3D modelling software program. He chooses red blocks, adjusts the dimensions, and then pieces them together. A Makerbot employee assigned to oversee the children’s work takes a look at Victor’s creation.

“That’s a good looking robot,” he says.

“It’s actually a Minecraft person,” Victor replies, as he rotates the model into clear view.More →