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Looking back, 2015 was filled with major moments in technology and media. Comcast failed to close its mega-merger with Time Warner Cable, after regulators effectively spiked the deal. A European court struck down an important data-sharing agreement with the United States. And Google underwent a major restructuring, setting itself up as a subsidiary of a new holding company called Alphabet.More →

ATLANTA — With Walmart Stores Inc. becoming the latest retailer to launch a mobile pay system, there are more places than ever to break out a digital wallet to pay for the things you want. Apple, Rite Aid, Starbucks, KFC, and others are now using some form of mobile payment system with a smartphone seemingly in every pocket and purse. Forrester predicts that money spent in stores by people using digital wallets will grow from the $4 billion of 2014 to $34 billion by 2019. But not all digital wallets are the same. So which ones should you use and how safe are they? Here’s a look at mobile payment systems and how they work.More →