SEATTLE – Paul Allen has been waiting for the emergence of intelligent machines for a very long time. As a young boy, Allen spent much of his time in the library reading science-fiction novels in which robots manage our homes, perform surgery and fly around saving lives like superheroes. In his imagination, these beings would live among us, serving as our advisers, companions and friends.More →

We wrote Monday that Apple had updated its Apple Maps page on its website to tout the fact that transit directions would be available for Boston and Sydney, Australia. But nobody we checked with could actually see any bus or subway directions on their iPhones. Apple has since updated the page to add a footnote to Boston and Sydney saying that the feature was coming to those cities “in October 2015.” For now, Apple devotees looking for transit maps had better be traveling only in Baltimore, Berlin, Chicago, London, Mexico City, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto, or Washington, D.C. Strangely, the page also lists “China” as a location where transit directions are available, but a quick search of Beijing landmarks produced the message that “transit directions are not available.”More →