New Techstars Boston director Eveline Buchatskiy with managing director Semyon Dukach. (Photo by Scott Kirsner / BetaBoston)

For the first time, the Techstars Boston accelerator program for startups will wrap up with two separate showcases next week. On Monday, about 100 venture capitalists and individual angel investors who have put money into Techstars companies in the past — or have supported the program in other ways — will get a first glimpse at this year’s cohort. Then on Tuesday, the startups will present to a larger crowd at the Back Bay Event Center.More →

Fareed Mosavat, Chas Wagner, and Jason Jacobs looked at support tickets at Runkeeper.

The maker of one of the earliest fitness-tracking apps for smartphones, Boston-based Runkeeper, cut almost 30 percent of its staff last week. Founder and CEO Jason Jacobs says via e-mail that the layoffs were not “in response to market conditions,” but rather part of a shift in focus from purely attracting lots of users to wringing more revenue from those users.More →