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On Wednesday, Cambridge-based marketing firm HubSpot announced that it had fired its chief marketing officer Mike Volpe for violating the company’s ethics code.

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Ryan Merrikan 15, of Walpole, tried to control his entry down the course during a Robot Race held in Cambridge on the campus of robot-maker Vecna. Among the attendees was Jay Ash, the state's Secretary of Housing and Economic Development.

Last October, I broke the news that several companies, research labs, and trade associations were working together to create a shared workspace for robotics businesses.

Ten months later, things seem to be gaining momentum — but the crew behind MassRobotics is still trying to line up financial backing from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Earlier this month, Vecna chief technology officer Daniel Theobald, one of the key players in the project, met with Governor Charlie Baker and Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Jay Ash to talk about the plan for MassRobotics.More →

The "Bonus Sodas" that brought Will Brierly and Sean Halloran together.

“Soda Drinker Pro” is a small indie video game that lets you walk around and drink soda. You can drink soda on a beach or drink soda in a park. That’s about it. However, it’s become a cult hit on PC, with a version set to be released on the Xbox One in the next few months. It’s also simple enough that it’s now being used by Myomo, a Cambridge-based startup that is helping people with partly paralyzed or weakened arms to regain movement in their limbs.More →