If you’re living and working in Greater Boston right now, there’s a good chance you’ve probably encountered at least one young person who’s full of potential, someone brimming with ideas and ambitions who you know you’re going to be keeping track of for years to come. This year, we’re hoping to highlight the work of 25 young people 25 and under. Know someone? We’re taking submissions now. More →

Two years in, the team behind the ClinVar database has published a progress report New England Journal of Medicine. They argue that the shared approach is working — doctors and researchers are using the database — and they are advocating for more companies and groups to join the effort to reach a more comprehensive understanding of the variants in disease genes. In particular, they’re challenging companies to be more open with their data, instead of keeping it to themselves.More →

Baxter, Rethink Robotics’ double-armed ruby-red factory-bot, is master of manipulation. But while it’s known for its dexterity at assembly lines, agility has never been its strength — for the most part, the robot stays rooted in place. That could change soon. The Boston robot maker has teamed up with Canadian company Clearpath Robotics to get Baxter some new moves. More →