If you’re living and working in Greater Boston right now, there’s a good chance you’ve probably encountered at least one young person who’s full of potential, someone brimming with ideas and ambitions who you know you’re going to be keeping track of for years to come. This year, we’re hoping to highlight the work of 25 young people 25 and under. Know someone? We’re taking submissions now. More →

Researchers have come up with a novel way of tracking unemployment that they say is much faster and more accurate than traditional estimates and surveys done by the Federal government. A study published Tuesday in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface found that changes in cellphone use flag shifts in joblessness two-to-eight weeks sooner than present methods.More →

It wasn’t that long ago that the Granite State had a sizable technology sector, with companies lured by the state’s low taxes and business-friendly reputation. But where New Hampshire once reaped the benefits of its proximity to the Massachusetts technology belt, today its distance from the urban innovation scene is a disadvantage.More →

Two years in, the team behind the ClinVar database has published a progress report New England Journal of Medicine. They argue that the shared approach is working — doctors and researchers are using the database — and they are advocating for more companies and groups to join the effort to reach a more comprehensive understanding of the variants in disease genes. In particular, they’re challenging companies to be more open with their data, instead of keeping it to themselves.More →